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Lin Wang holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Before founding Bilin, Lin has been working in the high-tech industries for two decades as an architect and innovator.

In 2013 Lin teamed up with AI experts to create Bilin Technology. We built everything from the ground up, utilizing advanced NLP and machine learning technologies. We perfected our products by partnering with established marketing agencies to serve big technology companies like Oracle, SAP, Cisco, among many others.

2018 Bilin launched an AI-powered platform to serve direct customers, bring affordability and actionability to customers ranging from multinational corporations to high growth startups. Our custom intent data with contact level information make intent data actionable and fuel revenue growth for our clients.

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Founded in 2013 by a team of Harvard Business School MBAs and computer science PhDs,
Bilin is one of the most innovative companies in the Martech space.


Data Scientist


Boston, US

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success

Boston, US

Content Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing

Boston, US

Business Development Representative

Sales and Marketing

Boston, US

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