Account Based Advertising

  • Proprietary bidding engine specifically built for B2B marketers
  • Reach hundreds of thousands of ICP’s (Ideal Customer Profile) and decision makers
  • Proprietary B2B dynamic creative delivers customize messages for each account and individual

Content Engine Identifies Companies in Buying Window

  • Leverages your customized list of keywords
  • NLP technology that supports multiple languages
  • Monitor millions of companies across the Internet in real time
  • Identify prospects as soon as they start their buying journey

iEngine Identifies Target Accounts in Buying Window with Contact-Level Data

  • Custom intent data and contact level information make our data fully actionable
  • Competitive intelligence is Bilin unique
  • Precise targeting and messaging make cold calling history

Insight and Analytics

  • Connect website visit data with intent data
  • Give you completed view of prospect’s purchasing journey
  • Transform normally separated data points into connected and actionable intelligence