Demand Side Platform
for Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Our patent-pending proprietary bidder actively monitors millions of companies daily, identifying accounts who are researching your products or services giving you the ability to deliver targeted ads. Our DSP was specifically built to allow B2B marketers to reach decision makers with timely messaging.

Our Content Engine Allows You to Identify Open Buying Windows

  • Custom topics and segments defined by keywords
  • Monitor millions of companies on the Internet in real time
  • Identify prospects as soon as they start their buying journey

iEngine Gives You in Market Account’s
Decision Makers at Your Fingertip

  • Generates dynamic target lists in real time
  • Detailed decision maker information with full transparency


Monitor content consumption, at the company and individual levels, detects spikes and identifies trends based on custom parameters to give your sales and marketing teams insights to engage prospects.

Analyze your ABM campaigns, understand your prospect’s digital content consumption patterns, giving you the insight to optimize your media purchases.

Transform your data into actionable intelligence. Track your prospect’s engagements and connect normally separate data points from digital advertising, website activity, and social networking to complete your view of prospects purchasing process.